I will be working on a database for an installation supervisory, workhour and material control + progress raporting.

I have SQL Server installed and I know only the basics of how to use it. Is SQL Server the best tool for this purpose?

The end result should be somewhat simple and easy to use, but still containing all realtive info like workers name, manhours, materials used (quantity, type, price, etc.), progress, to-do-list, attachements (.pdf), possibility to do additional installation and some other specs...

- Is SQL sufficient for this kind of result? Are there easier programs?
- How does the SQL based database work in the end? I don't have the big picture of what kind of View the database construct. (Sould be simple and pleasing to the eye
- How can I create a database that monitors several worksites, stores the info for documentation purposes and later reporting, manages workhours and materials.
- The knowlage of the "Views" -part is thin...

I have a good idea of the needed info and output, but I lack the larger knowlage of SQL Server operations. (I know how to make tables, data selections, joins, ... but not sure how to connect all those for a working, nice looking database.)

Sheers, and thanks for your input!