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    Unanswered: Insufficient disc space

    Hi! As a dentist having all my xray pictures in what I suppose is a paradox db I ran to this problem yesterday

    "Insufficien disc space"
    "Table vq.2500.mb"

    There are som hundred Gb left on disc.

    Talking to support they told that there is maximum table size 2.1 Gb for a table. Having around 30 tables that keep from 600Mb to 2.0 Gb

    My question is! Is there a way to get around this problem?

    My db is located on a Windows W2003 server.

    //Peter Marions

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    go back to the authors of the software and suggest they provide a workaround (storing the URL to the image in the db is far smarter than storing the image itself)
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    Quote Originally Posted by healdem View Post
    go back to the authors of the software and suggest they provide a workaround (storing the URL to the image in the db is far smarter than storing the image itself)
    PARTICULARLY when the database is so limited in its file size restrictions...

    Granted, there are pros and cons to each approach, but unless security concerns have a very high weighting, I agree with healdem; the pros of storing the files on the disk, and their path in the database, outweigh the cons.
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    storing images in a paradox blob field can result in total loss of your images, if anything goes wrong.. most long-term paradox developers recommend storing the link in a field, and keeping the real image elsewhere.. more work, more files, but much safer..
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    I have been doing database for a long time
    What I have learnt store the path@filename in the field and the image on the disk database will be heaps heaps smaller
    hope this help

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    Red face You've hit the maximum file size for Paradox

    Paradox will only hold a maximum of hex 80000000 bytes in a table. The maximum number of blocks in a Paradox table is hex FFFF (65536 or 64K), the maximum block size is hex 8000 (32768 or 32k).
    So 64k x 32k = 2,147,483,648 bytes which equals your 2.1GB.

    In effect you've hit a limit that was fairly common in the late 90's when Windows 95/NT4 were the latest and greatest from MicroSoft.

    It makes little difference that the tables reside on a Windows 2008 server, the issue is that Paradox was written for an earlier edition of MicroSoft NT technology.

    You need to either split out your data to multiple tables or use a different application.

    Good luck

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