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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Easy Query Question, I think.


    I'm very new to Access so responses in as simple of language as possible would be much appreciated.

    I have two datasets. One has a list of teachers, their ID#s and other variables; one just has a list of the ID#s for teachers who have an A Rating.

    What I need to do is create a new column in the big dataset titled ARated and have a "yes" in the column for all the teachers who have an ARating.

    I know i have to create some type of query or macro to do this, but i'm not sure what/how. if you point me in the right direction (or tell me exactly how to write the syntax into the macro or something) i'm sure i can figure it out.

    I've created a query with the fields in the right place, but I'm not sure how to:
    1- create a new column in the table
    2- have it say "yes" in the new column rather than the A Rating.

    Also, how can I keep this file updated if I have to do this each week with a new dataset?

    Thank you so so so so much

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    SELECT <Dataset1>*, <Dataset2><Identity> AS X, IIf(IsNull([x]),Null,"Yes") AS NewCol
    FROM <Dataset1> 
    LEFT JOIN <Dataset2> 
    ON <Dataset1>.<Identity> = <Dataset2>.<Identity>;
    Have a nice day!

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    or you can create a form and go into dataview then slect if true type yes.

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