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    Unanswered: Getting Reminder Popup after clicking on an employee's name

    Dear Friends,
    I was wondering whether someone could help. We have a database where we keep a log of employees jobs they do. They are supposed to return their worksheets within 10 days of the Date of Job. Currently I have a simple parameter query where I manually input Start Date and End Date to get list of unreturned worksheets.

    I was wondering wether someone could please help to automate this process. I want that as soon as I click on the employees name to give them another job order, the database should give us a popup reminder that this Employee has 3 or 4 overdue ureturned worksheets, do you want to send them an email with list of overdue worksheets? If I click yes, then details of those overdue ureturned worksheets should appear in Outlook as a plain text or attachment with a standard message saying somethink, Dear Mike, Our records show that you have not returned your 4 worksheets. Please return them soon etc".

    Anyhelp and advice on this would be gratefully appreciated.
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    1) Count the number of rows where End Date Is Null and Employee Id match the concerned employee. Keywords: SELECT COUNT (*) FROM ... WHERE ... IS NULL;

    2) Answer to 1 > 0 then ask the question about email. Keywords: MsgBox, DCount or Recordset.RecordCount.

    3) If Answer to 2 is VbOK (or vbYes) then send email. There are numerous entries on this forum and on many others explaining how to send an email from Access using VBA.
    Have a nice day!

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