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    Unanswered: SelStart problem

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to open the form when the cursor sits at the end of the text
    that previously was typed, after todays date was inserted on the next line.
    It does all that but at first you see only the date, and to be able to see the
    previous text you need to scroll with the top arrow otherwise it is invisable.

    Private Sub Form_Current()
    Me.Remarks = Me.Remarks & vbNewLine & Date
    Me.Remarks.SelStart = Len(Me. Remarks)
    End Sub

    I've tried: Me.Remarks.SelStart = 0 and I can see the previous text but
    of course the cursor sits in the begining of the page.

    what I can do to have it sits after the inserted date and still see the previous text


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    I don't understand your question but from what I can guess this seems normal to me: you're inserting a line break (vbNewLine) into the value of the textbox. If you then want to see it all, this textbox must be multiline (i.e. extends on more than one line).
    Have a nice day!

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    Thank you for your help

    I've solved the problem by using DoCmd.Maximize

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