Hello to all,

I have just registered as I want to increase my zero knowledge vis--vis MySQL Databases etc. and right now am having a tough time with a database I made myself for a small travel site. It was a feat getting the db on to the server in the first place as the hosting service seems to deny or grant any permissions at all. Now they apparently granted the permissions for VIEWS and Exporting or Importing it still is throwing up errors when I want to update the db on the server while I made or keep changing data in the database on the local server.

Only procedure I know for doing this (absolutely no knowledge of MySQL) is to use phpMyAdmin - export - save and then go to the server open phpMyAdmin there, browse - import the .sql file which I had to my desktop. But here it throws up warnings and errors: #1227 (need SUPER privilege) or #1142 (CREATE VIEW denied to user).

Is the hosting service for my shared server hedging around is there some other kind of problem?

Is there any other way to update the database?

Thank you