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    Unanswered: Shortcut Menus - how far does it go? [EDITED]

    EDIT: Sorry for the previous long post, I did some testing and I'm finally able to narrow down my question.

    Ok, in..

    Office Menu > Access Options > Current Database

    ... I have most of the options that give access to the default GUI un-checked, like "Default Shortcut Menus", etc. I messed around with making menus using macros, and assigning a global shortcut menu. I'm trying to invoke the Expression Builder in Query Design mode with "Default Shortcut Menus" disabled in Access Options. Here's what I did first:

    That basically only caused a shortcut menu to appear when I right click anywhere EXCEPT in query design mode. So I tried a silly work around:

    This actually worked, since when a query is opened, it automatically selects the name of the first field, which is a suitable situation for the Builder to be invoked. But of course I can't invoke the builder in any field with this method, nor can I invoke the builder to create complex criteria for other fields.

    So I tried yet another workaround. I tried to find the Builder in the ControlID list for Office and add it to the Quick Access Toolbar.

    Link: Download details: 2007 Office System Document: Lists of Control IDs

    But it is nowhere to be found. However I can add it to the Quick Access Toolbar manually, but I can't design the database to have it there. Here is my current Ribbon XML for my database:

    <customUI xmlns="">
      <ribbon startFromScratch="true">
            <button idMso="FileSave" />
            <button idMso="PrintDialogAccess" />
            <button idMso="PublishToPdfOrEdoc" />
            <button idMso="ExportExcel" />
            <button idMso="PrintPreviewClose" />
            <button idMso="Builder" />
          <control idMso="FileNewDatabase" visible="false" />
          <control idMso="FileOpenDatabase" visible="false" />
          <control idMso="FileCloseDatabase" visible="false" />
    As you can see I tried to guess what the idMso would be for the builder. I also tried "InvokeBuilder" (like the RunCommand option) but nothing.

    The ultimate goal here is to allow users to make their own queries, and to allow me to make queries as the database is being used, without having to lock everyone out while I'm in design mode. So I'll need to also invoke the "Show Tables" window too. I think I could figure that one out, I'll just open it every tiime the user "edits" a query. (I have an "edit query" button that opens a selected query in design mode. The query list is in a list box.) Being able to access the Builder is my final hurdle.

    So... there it all is. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Sorry for the double post, but I've come a long way in just a few hours. Now I'm down to the final barrier: either this is possible, or it isn't!


    Ok, here is my next step. I accomplished the above so far by making a custom menu bar, instead of a custom shortcut menu.

    Here's the macro design:

    And here's a screenshot of the query design "invoker" i made:

    When I click "Edit Query" the selected query pops up and the menubar lights up:

    Yay it kinda works! But, it's not in a right click when I'm in QUERY DESIGN mode. Anyone know if it is possible to have a custom shortcut menu work in query design mode?

    I can even, get the menu to pop up in Datasheet mode! But not in Quer Design mode.

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