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    Unanswered: Parsing a string

    I need to update a record in table users where the record number is within a variable

    the variable is called “ invoice” it’s value is G-123-456

    I need to filter on just the 456 part of the variable.

    UPDATE users
    SET active=0
    WHERE user_usr LIKE ‘ ‘’-’’-invoice

    Not sure where to start on this.


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    look at the MySQL string functions

    on the face of it right looks promising
    it should be trivial if there are always 3 characters to match. if not then you are going to have to dabble with the likes of instr to find where to start comparing
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    Or set up a column that just holds that piece of the invoice you are after. You could even set up a trigger to populate it at insert time.

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    This is a the variable are from PayPal IPN which has ver limited number of fields to work with. I was hoping to put all the information I needed into a single field and parse it when I receive the notification. Would it help if I formatted it: G123IM456 then look for letters followed by numbers?

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    look up the use of SUBSTRING_INDEX and leave the - in there to search on.

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    better idea

    why not use REGEXP and regular expression
    since the expression is simple, it should work fast.

    Check: MySQL :: MySQL 5.1 Reference Manual :: 11.5.2 Regular Expressions

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