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    Recruitment Database - Can anyone make a simple b-spoke one for us for around 100?


    Were looking for a b-spoke database that models professional recruitment databases and includes:

    Client details / manager details / roles listing & tracking / sent out to interview process tracking / candidates / cv's / boolean search facilities / coding (i.e key skills).

    We dont want to pay monthly and we want it to sit on our own server ideally.

    As we are small (2 persons) we don't need all of the extra functionalities of the pro software.

    Can anyone help?

    good reference models include: bond, ez access, microdec, rdb, swiftpro.


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    You might want to dwell on one thing: how many hours work do you think you would get from a professional for 100? I say this since you requested "bespoke".
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    Good point.

    By b-spoke I really mean something simple someone can throw together if this is possible for around 100.

    Perhaps someone here has done something similar?

    Some far more tech savvy people have told me you could just use free mysql with a recruitment app on top but ive no idea how to put this together.

    So i am open to any suggestions / advise.


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    You might be able to get someone to install pre-existing recruitment app on top of MySQL for 100. Development of such a system will add another zero at a minimum. Probably two, realistically.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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