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    Exclamation Unanswered: Help please its for a job assessment

    Hello I am interviewing for an IT consultancy firm for a PMO position I am a finance major and not too familiar with databases I have an assignment for tomorrow which im really hoping someone can help me with. It might be simply for you but its killing me! here it is:

    -The PMO Purchase Order System-
    You are required to design a PO system to meet the following requirements:
    1. A member of staff can raise a PO
    2. Those members of staff authorized to rase a PO should be listed
    3. The system should hold a list of approved suppliers
    4. Only goods or services listed can be purchased
    5. Goods and Services will be categorized for statistical analysis purposes
    6. The PO can contain zero or many line items
    7. Each PO line should record the quantity, unit price and expected delivery date
    8. The actual delivery date for each item will be recorded
    9. All invoices will be recorded and matched against the PO and line number they pertain to

    Any help is VERY VERY appreciated

    Thank you

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    i think you left it a bit too late

    good luck with the interview | @rudydotca
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