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    Unanswered: swap requirements for DB2 on Linux

    How much swap space do you allocate on Linux?

    "IBM InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse D5100: Design and Implementation Guide", if I'm reading it correctly, still suggests 1:1 (32GB of swap for 32GB of RAM). In addition, the following is recommended:

    " The file-system cache-related configuration parameters can be found in
    the /proc/sys/vm file. The recommended values for the file-system caching
    parameters are as follows:
    v swappiness: 0
    v dirty_ratio: 10
    v dirty_background_ratio: 5 "
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    Hi Bella,

    we usally don't use a 1:1. Mostly we use 1:8 on Linux. Mostly we have 2 - 4 GB Swap per Server. Even on Systems with 64 GB RAM and we never ran into issues.

    Windows requires at least a 1:1 ratio for Pagefile.

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    I agree with nvk@vhv. The 1:1 was required a long time ago for AIX systems (and maybe Linux) when max system memory was typcially much smaller.

    We also have used these with sucesss on all our OLTP systems:

    - swappiness: 0
    - dirty_ratio: 10
    - dirty_background_ratio: 5

    Linux tends to do too much swapping for file system cache without these.
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