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    Unanswered: Oracle Listener Error

    Hi All,
    I have installed Oracle 10g XE on my system and created a user "BOOKSDB"
    password "root".I have additionally installed Oracle forms developer,that would use tables from this DB.When I connect the forms developer to oracle DB I get Listner error pointing to tnsname.ora,help me resolve this error.

    Also I frequently get this error when using oracle.Can u please help me with all possible solutions to the problem


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    Every Oracle installation contains its own TNSNAMES.ORA file. You can maintain all of them (in your case, you should copy contents of the XE's TNSNAMES.ORA into Developer's TNSNAMES.ORA) - which is kind of stupid, because some day you might install additional Oracle software so - what? Will you remember to put all databases you use into ALL TNSNAMES.ORA files?

    Therefore, use the TNS_ADMIN environment variable. It should point to a directory that contains a TNSNAMES.ORA file. For example, that might be
    M:\>set tns_admin
    which means: there's "0_ORACLE_LIBRARY" directory on "C" disk (operating system is MS Windows XP). In there is TNSNAMES.ORA file, and it contains all databases I connect to. Every time a new database appears, I simply add it into that, single copy of TNSNAMES.ORA. I don't even care whether there is any other TNSNAMES.ORA, because Oracle *knows* that TNS_ADMIN variable points to a file I want to use.

    I'd suggest you do the same.

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