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    Your Favorite Free Online Games

    Do you guys play any free online games that you recommend?

    I've played a free game called Starport Galactic Empires for a loooong time now. I find it really fun as it's skill based and you can make good friends.

    You basically fly a little ship around the galaxy and fight other people and attack their bases.

    The programmer is kind of stubborn though and doesn't take a lot of user feed back... but hey it is a one man show.

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    While gaming can be fun, right now DBForums is under attack from several groups of organized spammers so we need to limit new posters to "on topic" posts that somehow relate to databases. I'm going to close this thread to make it useless to spammers and would normally disable your login too, but in this case I'll leave the login active unless it is used to post spam.

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