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    Hi I am new to the forum, thanks for hosting!

    I have been tasked with helping a developer get his view under control, I tuned the statement using indexes down from 4B timerons to 700M timerons. If I set the current optimization to 9 it's 39M timerons.

    The issue is it takes a very long time to "populate" the view.

    We can't create this as a MQT since the underlying tables will be getting updated throughtout the day and this view will be accessed several times a day as well.

    My question is what options do I have to make this view more managable in terms of speeding up the time it takes to view the data?

    If I split up the view into smaller views won't this take as much time as comining into 1 view.


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    Maybe?!? You could try posting the select statement for the view along with table/index info and we can take a stab at helping you to improve it. Otherwise you can always go to page 381 and your answer should be close to the bottom of the page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James123 View Post

    The issue is it takes a very long time to "populate" the view.
    What do you mean by "populating" a view? A view is just a query, which is executed whenever you select from that view.

    A materialized view (MQT) can be populated, but for some reason you don't want to use this approach.

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