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    Smile Unanswered: how to find the week number from the specified month.

    Hi guys,
    i have a doubt. I want to know how to get the week number of the month. For example, if the date is 6th of any month then value for week should be 1, if the date is 19th then value should be 3.


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    so either write a function in the front end
    or consider using the modulo operator (%) on the DAY of the specified date

    SELECT my, column, list, (DAY(adatecolumn)+6)%7 AS weekno FROM mytable
    you may need to tinker with the expression to make certain it meets your requirements

    mind you to me its an odd definition of the week number, but its your app
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    Make a calendar table and populate it with as many dates you want. To get data corresponding to the week number just do a left join from the table where you have data with its own date column.

    the basic syntax would be :
    select coalesce(CEILING(dayofmonth(calendar.datefield)/7),0)as WeekNumber from calendar;

    Enjoy !

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