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    Need Help Chooisng the correct Management Information System / Database?

    Dear all,

    Firstly, apologies if i've posted in the wrong section of the forums!

    Secondly, I need some advice. The company I work for is about to engage in some work which needs to be managed by some form of "management information system / database". What we need is something that can allow us to input data, update the data, review the data easily whenever necessary, be able to link data fields to specific deadlines so that when a deadline has passed for a field, a notification is raised.

    For example, if we do not update datafield A by the 31st of November, a notice is given to remind us to follow up and consequently do so.

    I'm not too sure if the above actually exists. But if it does, could someone please advise which software package(s) are available and perhaps which is easiest to use / has good online help.

    Thanks in advance for all help!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SME22 View Post
    For example, if we do not update datafield A by the 31st of November
    i dunno about applications, but the answer to your question about which database system is mysql

    only mysql will let you store that kind of a date (and only if you force it to) | @rudydotca
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