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    Unanswered: Access Database Design need Help

    I am quite new to access but have an idea from way back.
    My problem is and always has been design and structure and for this i would like help and possibly a sample.

    What i am attempting to do is to make a database to cover the following.

    I will have a small amount of suppliers maybe 3
    These suppliers i will raise a P.O. for to supply
    I will sell off items and raise an Invoice and print address labels
    I would like it to provide a stock control possibly a report that reports low stock. best sellers etc.
    I think this is a database that must have been done many times i have searched the microsoft samples etc but nothing like it they seem to concentrate on who is the best salesmen etc.
    does anyone know where i might find such or give me some sort of structure of how to go about it.

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    Northwind.mdb seems a good choice in your case:
    Download details: Access 2000 Tutorial: Northwind Traders Sample Database
    Have a nice day!

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    I have looked at Northwind traders in the past and I felt it was not doing what i wanted and probibly more complicated than I need. i even tried changing it to suiit and got lost in it all. there must be something simpler.

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