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    Unanswered: Migration to web

    I have MSAccess 2003 databases. Now my client wants to move these databases to web enable technologies like PHP.
    The constraint he has is, he want to keep msaccess databases at backend and want new gui in web enable technologies. So that his data remain in msaccess and only gui may develop. I also have to include roles, so that every user may access only authorize area.

    I want to know from you experts , what will be the good plan to achieve this goal?
    What is the good way to accomplish this task with msaccess as backend?

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    MS Access back end could be a limiting factor, it doesn't scale well, so the more users the more likely the JET back end will choke or roll over and die.

    theres lots of options on a web front end
    whether thats PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, PERL and so on

    I think the smarter move would be to keep the access front end and move the data to a db server system, whether thats MySQL or MS SQL server or a.n.other is upto the customer and or the budget and or the ISP

    There is a different design paradigm between a file server system like JET, a db server like MySQL
    this is amplified by the differences between a JET db running on a LAN and a web application.

    I think your customer needs to think carefully about what he is deamnding and what limits he is imposing on the application.

    personally I'd try to push for a web app talking to a common backend using PHP or ASP.
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    I agree that you should seriously consider going to a SQL sever back end. I would only use one that supports stored procedures.

    Here is why:
    This will allow you to shifted to a multi-tier design. You would use the same stored procedures for both the web front end and the Access front end. This makes development and deploying updates a whole lot faster and cheaper
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