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    Unanswered: Need help to extract data

    Hi guys,

    I have an application that uses obviously btrieve to store data into different *.DAT files. Eventually, I'd like to extract the data from those files into another database. However, I'm not a database pro. I suspect the files have the betrieve 6.15 file format as I know that the program uses the following DLLs:

    WBTRCALL.DLL - Btrieve Requester Vers. 6.15.440.1
    WBTRTHNK.DLL - 16 to 32 bit Thunk DLL Vers.
    WBTRV32.DLL - Microkernel Interface DLL Vers. 6.15.440.0
    WBTRVRES.DLL - Betrieve Requester Resource DLL Vers.
    WDBUEI32.DLL - DB Utilities Engine Interface DLL Vers.

    I have no .DDF files, so I tried to create them with BtSearch2009 but I always receive "Betrieve Error 3020" when I try to open a .DAT file. I have to idea how to fix this error ("You receive this status code when an error occurs while loading the MicroKernel or when access to the server and client machine shared memory objects are unavailable. Check the Pervasive Event Log for more information.").

    Is there any simple way to access the data from the .DAT files I have? I have a program that can read the database tables but I am not able to export anything :/

    Btw is it possible that the files are encrypted?

    Thanks a lot,
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    BTSearch is returning the error 3020 because it is 32 bit and your Btrieve is 16 bit.

    You can download a trial version of the PSQL v11 workgroup engine from Pervasive's web site (Pervasive Database). Once you download the WGE, you can run BTSearch or the built in DDF Builder to build DDFs. Once you've got DDFs, you can use ODBC and your favorite extraction program to extract the data.

    If the files are encrypted, you'll need the owner name to decrypt them.
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    It works...awesome! Thank you so much

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