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    Unanswered: XML extraction


    I'm new to this, and wanted to know how to go about doing the following tasks:

    I was given a file in XML format and asked to use T-SQL for the XML extraction and analysis. Submit the results in an Excel spreadsheet,
    import the data in the spreadsheets into a SQL Server relational database. Submit the CREATE scripts for all of the objects in the database; briefly explain how I used the data from the spreadsheets to populate the database. The database should be ready to use for accepting new records, as well.

    Thank you in advance.


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    You haven't received a response yet. The reason may be that the regulars think you're asking them to do your homework for you. Phrases like "briefly explain" and "submit the results" in your description make it sound like an assignment.

    I suggest you attempt to do the work yourself. If you run into trouble, we'll be happy to answer specific questions about specific problems.

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