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    Unanswered: Creating Calculations in new columns within the same table

    I am using Microsoft Access 2007 and a hair above novice level.

    I am trying to calculate earnings per share quarter over quarter growth as well as revenue quarter over quarter growth. The table columns break down like this:

    • ID
    • CUSIP

    The CUSIP column identifies the security (there are multiple rows for each CUSIP)
    The DATA_FISCAL_QUARTER sample Data: 2000Q3, 1999Q3

    I want to calculate for each row the EPS and Total Revenue Quarter over Quarter Growth and add two columns to the table for each value.

    Many thanks for the assistance.

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    What are the formulas used to perform the calculations?
    Have a nice day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinndho View Post
    What are the formulas used to perform the calculations?
    The calculation for both is ('Current Qtr' - '4 quarters ago') / '4 quarters ago'

    I picked up a VB book to read up on how to code for these types of things. I appreciate the help.

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    Red face

    Hi There, IM currently doing an HNc and my friend has asked me to make them a database for work, i didnt find the idea challenging as I found normalisation fairly easy..........but we have not yet done formulas in a database. I can make the data base but.......being pernickity I wanted the database to auto calculate the new stock level. (spreadsheets i have no qualms with) I know this can be done, i just dont know how
    all from the one tabel;
    CurrentStock, Added, Used, NewStock (plus a foriegn key that is not required for the equation)
    when in design view i can see default value and it allows formulas within but each time i try a formula it fails. i tried using the newStock in design view and i added
    =[CurrentStock]+[Added] And [CurrentStock]-[Used]
    =[CurrentStock]+[Added] Or [CurrentStock]-[Used]
    i even tried just to put in
    all failed..........please help and tell me where i need to place the equations....
    (i even tried creating a query based on the above fields then in design view place the above formulas. thanks in advance

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    hi i noticed that the above is worng on a few levels........what i would need is to reduce it to 3 fields so that the 'currentstock' would update so that when 'added' changes from 2 this time to 1 next time the totals in the 'currentstock' would still add 3. and not change totals in collumn 4 (newstock) to added 1.
    ive tried doing this in report and query setting as per instructions but i cannot figure this out. thanks in advance.
    so now i need a foirmula to work in one collumn to add that collumn and subtract it to the other two........err hope i've explained this right.
    thanks in advance TA x

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