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    Unanswered: help regarding db2 migration

    Hello All,
    We are presently having db2 version 8.1 fp 12 32 bit and planning to migrate to version 9.5...
    Can some one help me regarding the same..please tell me the pre-requisites,migration steps and post checking after migration gets successful..

    thanks in advance

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    On Linux® and UNIX® operating systems, DB2® Universal Database™ (DB2 UDB) regular FixPaks can be applied on all DB2 UDB products including DB2 Connect™. Alternate FixPaks are full versions of DB2 UDB Enterprise Server Edition (ESE). Multiple alternate FixPaks can exist concurrently on Linux and UNIX operating systems. For more information on Alternate FixPaks, click here.

    On Windows® operating systems, there is an individual FixPak for each DB2 UDB product. There are no Alternate FixPaks for DB2 UDB on Windows.

    Choose your operating system (OS) from the links below. That page will contain DB2 UDB Version 8 FixPaks, including Alternate FixPaks. Links for Documentation FixPaks (Windows, Linux® and UNIX®) are at the bottom of the list.
    IBM - DB2 UDB Version 8.1 FixPak 15 (also known as Version 8.2 FixPak 8 )

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    Are you planning to migrate on another system or do you install 9.5 on the same sever?

    You should start with the Documentation for DB2 9.5. There are several scenarios shown and also pre- and post-Migration Tasks:
    Migration essentials for DB2 servers

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    I want to do it in same server....I have installed 9.5 but now db2 is not loading the libraries of any of the version...neither version 8.1 nor 9.5...
    Help me in getting out of this...


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