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    Unanswered: query analysis question


    I've successfully imported XML data into Excel and Access (attempted to attach the striped version of the db in access)

    I was trying to accomplish the following:

    1) average invoice total amount for application fees only, broken out by division, for the third quarter of this year.
    2) Using the relational database, create a deduped mailing list for as many current and complete addresses as possible. Submit the mailing list as an XML file.
    3) Create a reader-friendly report break out the following statistics:
    a. Total number of currently accredited sites
    b. Total number of applications in process
    c. Number of labs that have achieved accreditation in multiple divisions
    d. Total number of sites granted accreditation in each app area
    e. Average number of sites per application

    I'm using office 2007, and would like to know the best way to accomplish these (Excel or Access)...and some guide. ?



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    First: Is it Excel or Access?
    If it's Access:
    Second: What are the structures of the data (number of tables, names and data types of the columns, relationships if any, etc...?
    Third: What do you have so far?
    Fourth: What is the problem you cannot solve or the occuring error you do not understand?

    Without this information I seriously doubt anybody here would be able to help you.
    Have a nice day!

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