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    Unanswered: Populate a form with a set of fields from lookup form

    Please Help; need to populate a form with a predecided set of fileds which may be used seperately as well. To be more specific; I have a form (frmTestValues - a continuous form) based on table (tblTestValue) which stores the TestOrderId, Date etc and most important- values of tests , the name of the test is stored in a lookup form and selected (tblTestName.TestName), value is entered against it.
    Now a group of test has to be performed frequently .. like lipid profile which entails selecting TCholesterol, HDLCholesterol and Triglycerides independently each time I have to enter values whenever a lipid profile test is ordered.
    Please suggest a command where I could autopopulate the testValue form with a pre decided set of test names so that I don't have to do a lot of selection again and again. What I would like to do is place a command button on the main form and the after click property should populate the subform (frmTestValues) with TestName ( Stored in a different Table tblTestName- which acts as the lookup table)- but there would be multiple test names not just one!
    a screencap shows the actual table but is name is different in the pic.
    Thanks a lot in advance!!!
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