First, I am 32 and started writing batch programs in DOS and playing with Basic and Qbasic when I was 7, On DOS 2.1. But never became a programmer. Lately, I have learned a little side macro/programming language called AutoIT. I also have made a couple little data programs in Vbasic and played with access a little.

I just built a serialized inventory database for my satellite company. But I did it with data manipulation within basically a csv text file. Realizing it's limitations, would like to re-build it as a full database. There is a big hole in my industry for good specialized, serialized tracking. As I have a commercial, fiber ISP, with as many IP's as I want at my disposal, I would like to eventually move on to a web-based format that I can host and sell/lease to other companies. I have a fairly firm grip on databasing, such as the tables, how they should be linked and queried and such, and where I need the data to be, and what I need it to do, but not much about network interfacing to that data. I have also built VERY BASIC, view-only, html webpages, with publishing software, of course. No data forms or data retrieval or ANYTHING the slightest complicated.

Can web-interface be acheived with Access or do I need to go to SQL or something else?

What programming languages do I need to start with to go web-based?
Is it Java I'm looking for to do what I am needing?