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Thread: pl sql issue

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    Unanswered: pl sql issue


    Please find the code fragment :-

    accept f1
    accept f2

    select 'Y' from dual
    where upper('&f2') not like upper('%&f1%');

    It is throwing error which i am not able to understand. I havent used declare section as the accept creates a char variable by default.

    please advise !!
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    And the error is?

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    Bind variable not declared

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    whenever you are using any command, please check, whether it is valid for the language of current code. It is stated in Oracle documentation book, available e.g. online on

    ACCEPT is sqlplus (client tool) command
    BEGIN END; is part of PL/SQL language, it cannot interpret sqlplus commands. The main (logical) reason is, that it runs on database side and does not care from where it is called. Can you imagine, how should that ACCEPT behave if called e.g. from JDBC?

    By the way, LIKE is valid operator in PL/SQL too - you do not need to call SQL query for this. On the other hand, SELECT cannot be called like this in PL/SQL - it requires INTO clause. What are you trying to achieve?

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