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    Intro and Question

    Hello: newbie Steve here.

    I have very little experience with databases: 2 classes in a semester long ago--one on Access and one on MYSQL. With MYSQL (in both Windows 2003 R2/IIS and Windows 2003 R2/Apache environments), the class featured very small, mostly pre-structured databases, that were administered by the class as a whole. Because it's been a while, I would have to re-learn the content of the two survey classes, which I am willing to do, having kept the course materials.

    I have very large collections of movies and music, which need to be organized. Some of my movies have been entered into an Excel spreadsheet with a few columns per film: title, release date, DVD wallet pocket number, etc. I want to expand what I have to include music reviews--my own and others--and to improve retrieval and accessibility. Many more films must be entered, however; and I haven't started organizing the much larger music collection. I thought perhaps it would be better to get some expert advice before carrying on with Excel entries, of which I have many thousands to go. Is there any way to transfer the Excel data to another program, other than manually?

    Available materials: a few extra IDE and SATA-driven desktop computers, a number of monitors, a 2.4GHz-5GHz router, NICs, including wireless NICs. I also have CAT 5 cable if that is more appropriate. In terms of software, I own Access 2007 and SQL 2005. Of course, I can obtain the freely-downloadable MYSQL.

    I also want to use this project as a developmental learning tool for creating other databases on subjects about which I am passionate, in terms of research, document reference, etc . I have lots of time to apply to this: no conflicts whatsoever. I would like to develop sophisticated databases that I would happily and freely share with others.

    Any comments would be appreciated, especially those concerned about my starting a project with sophisticated potential.


    Steve (forager)

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    follow up to original post

    Any help at all would be appreciated. I have about 900 movies listed on an Excel spreadsheet, each with columns for duration, year, comments et al. But that is only 20% of my inventory. Before I continue to enter data for the remaining films into the spreadsheet--which will take quite a long time--I thought I better get some guidance on how to transfer the data from Excel--or find out if entering the data into Excel is a bad idea to begin with.

    Ultimately, I want to create a fully accessible, retrievable MySQL database, using the film collection database as a learning tool so that I can produce a much more complex, research-oriented MySQL database for music.
    I realize that I am generalizing here. I'm not looking for help with specific database structure but rather am seeking a solid starting point with general direction.

    I am fairly resourceful, and will work with any suggestions. I want to avoid spinning my wheels as much as possible. As I mentioned in my original posting, a while ago I attended basic database workshop classes, which featured some exercises in simple MySQL/PHP and Microsoft Access database creation.

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    you're in luck, mysql can easily import a csv, which of course you can easily produce from an excel spreadsheet

    so go ahead and load up the rest of your films | @rudydotca
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    database creation

    R937, thanks. I'll look into CSVs.
    Can anyone recommend some resources, Re: efficient data entry into databases? I'll be doing it all myself: a few thousand more records for the movie database, and many more times that for the music database.
    Again, any suggestions are appreciated.

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