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    Unanswered: Query with a Date and a Time (Again)

    It seems like I had this issue before, but for the sake of me I cannot find my past email about how to correct.

    I have a form that displays 2 date/time fields -

    Start - 12/04/2010 08:00AM
    End - 12/05/2010 07:59 AM

    I created a query that adds the ship date and ship time into a combined general date format, then set criteria to query the records using the above fields -

    >=[Forms]![MainForm]![Start] And <=[Forms]![MainForm]![End]

    Problem is, the query is going beyond the times listed and pulling in all records for both dates. How can I make the query see the times and start at 8:00 am and cutoff at 7:59 am the next day?

    (there has to be a easier way!!!)

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    could we see the SQL for the query? | @rudydotca
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    where adatecolumn betweeen [Forms]![MainForm]![Start] and [Forms]![MainForm]![End]
    bear in mind JET uses us date format and if you are comparing string literals you should encapsulate the date literal with the hash symbol
    bear in mind jet stores date AND time in the datevalue if you only specify the date potrion then it will retrieve records as if the time was 00:00:00 ie midnight, this is usually only a problem on the upper limit (the <= element)

    so your options may well be to expressly convert the value of the form to a date value

    where adatecolumn betweeen " & cdate([Forms]![MainForm]![Start]) & " and "& cdate([Forms]![MainForm]![End])
    where adatecolumn betweeen #" & format ([Forms]![MainForm]![Start],"mm/dd/yyyy") & "# and #"& formaat([Forms]![MainForm]![End],"mm/dd/yyyy") & "#"
    personally I #hate# the AM/PM designation its far clearer in my books to quote times according to the 24 clock (read theres less chance of a cock up)

    if you know 08:00 is the time band then you could add that to the query in background
    you could convert the string literals to date values, and then add (using the dateadd function)).
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