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    Unanswered: ComboBox from a table

    Just starting on an application for inventory, and the very first form has me pulling my hair out!

    I am making a login screen based on usernames from a table in my database.
    I first created my form and combobox and went over to properties and bound the data from there. Didnt work. ComboBox fills with 3 identical errors. (I'm sorry I can say what they are, I'm not in front of that machine) I dont think this is a coincidence since there are 3 records(users) in my table.

    So, I deleted my combobox, and after checking online for instruction, I went to data sources, my database, table, and 'users' column. Then selected Combobox from the dropdown and dragged it to my form. Now it's blank.

    I did stuff similar to this a few years back in VB7 and I dont remember it hassling me too much... what am I doing wrong?

    I'm using Access 2007, VS10 Beta. Should I go get out my VS7, and start over before I get too far?

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    starved kuated

    This article helped me a lot

    Access - Filter a Report based on List Box

    See how you get on

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    It would definitely be beneficial to know what the Error is that you are getting.

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