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    Not using an incrementing ID

    I am working on an ordering system, and for the orders table, I didn't want the order ID to start with 1 and auto increment as they are placed. Instead I was going to randomly generate an ID for each order placed, such as: 3029491.

    Would there be an inherient problems to doing such a thing? Is it unwise to do it? Should I still have the ID auto increment and just have another column be an random ID column? Either way, it will always be unique.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Eiolon View Post
    Would there be an inherient problems to doing such a thing?
    other than that you have to have code in case the random number generates an existing number (so just generate another one), no | @rudydotca
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    Until SQL 6.5, random distribution was actively encouraged (this is part of what made GUID values popular). Before you "burn daylight" on finding a mangable solution, I'd suggest that you at least investigate using GUIDs instead of recreating them.

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