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    Unanswered: BCP Export - Exlude Tailing Blank Space Terminator

    I am using a cursor and BCP in SQL Server 2000 to export rows of data into seperate text files. This is working fine for me except for 1 problem. The content of each file generated has a trailing space. At the end of my BCP statement I use -T -c -r\0. Instead of not adding any terminator at all though, 1 blank space is being added. Can someone please help me with my bcp export statement so that there are no trailing spaces or extra lines added to the end of my generated text files. By the way there are definitely no trailing spaces in the source data that I am using to export so the problem is not with the source data.

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    I can't help but wonder why you have the -r\0 ?

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    It's not a space, it's a NULL character, just like you requested
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