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    Unanswered: DB2 data (chinese char) loading issue

    Hello All,

    DB2 db version- 9.5/9.7 on Windows 2008 Server.

    We are trying to load data in DB2 database from SAS 9.2. This data contain
    unicoding like chinies, japanies etc characters. When we run the job,
    following error is occuring

    ERROR: CLI execute error: [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/NT64] SQL0302N The value of
    a host variable in the EXECUTE or OPEN statement is out of range for its
    corresponding use. SQLSTATE=22001 NOTE: Statements not processed because of
    errors noted above.

    Note- This error will not occur if we remove all uncoding characters.

    db cfg parameters for this database:
    Database territory = US
    Database code page = 1208
    Database code set = UTF-8
    Database country/region code = 1

    Please guide me what should be the changes at DB2 side in order to
    successfully insert Chinese, Japanese characters.

    Thanking you all in advance.


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    Character column lengths in DB2 are specified in bytes, not characters. UTF-8 characters can occupy anywhere from 1 to 4 bytes.

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    DB2 data (chinese char) loading issue

    Thank you for your reply but that does not help me solving my issue....


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