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    Unanswered: Table structure for Import Excel File

    I am having a little issue setting up a table to take an excel file i have which represents time per distances into an access table. I have set a compound key as date and time, and a foreign key to Horsename as this has its own table. Whether I create my own table and import or let Access import to a new table and use the table wizard I am not getting a good result.

    These are the files i am using
    the excel file 2shared - download 1stDraft.xlsx
    The Access file 2shared - download Comment.accdb
    In the last column of the excel file you will see a column called total time in the format 01:10.00 this represents 1 minute 10 seconds and 00 hundredths.

    I cannot seem to get a table format to host the table which represents a portion of my planned db. The below screens outline my files.

    The excel File

    Access and

    Any help appreciated

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    Unfortuneately the project I knew this was a hard question if you know anyone that would have an idea baout this please let me know.



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