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    Angry Unanswered: Need help please

    I am running an shared access 2007 database on our network. We have issues with multiple "backup" files being created. It's hard to pinpoint how this is happening because it usually happens when the night crew is using the db. In the morning i end up with a backup of a backup of a backup.....needless to say the file no longer works. The macros don't run etc.

    Also, I created this file in access 2007 and I have made sure that all my users are running 2007, but somehow the db reverts to 2003. Any ideas

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    When a Compact and Repair is performed, a new DB is created, the original DB deleted and the new one's name is changed to that of the original DB.

    In the original release of version 2007 there was a bug where the original DB couldn't be deleted and so the new 'copy' was simply added to the folder. I suspect that the Compact on Close Option is checked (under Options - General in v2003, not sure where you find it in 2007) and that your night crew is the one one actually closing Access down when they're through with it.

    The short answer is to untick the Compact on Close Option. Thisis a terrible feature for several reasons. Properly designed DBs don't need to have a C & R done on a regular basis, certainly not daily. But more importantly, C&R are apt to go awry and can cause data corruption! The procedure should never be done without first making a backup copy of your app.

    After doing this, you really should install all service packs available for 2007.

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    Hope this helps!

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    This happens on mine too, and not only in Access. I have already unchecked the Compact on Close button, and I am running with Service Pack 2.

    It seems that when a file force closes Office 07 will create copies of your files in case you need to recover info that was not saved. Here, this happens ALL THE TIME because it is a shared db on a network of people that don't even know what the My Computer icon does.

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