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    what system would you use

    Just wondering.
    what systems /apps would you consider to achieve the following.
    Track maintenance/information in an offshore environment using a database.
    there are multiple users off shore that will input data.(offshore users are independant of each other)
    the offshore systems have intermitent access to the internet and or wan (can use vpn).(currently using a satelite connection thus limited bandwidth and possible latency issues)
    all data from each offshore system needs to be able to be viewed by users onshore that have full time access to a lan and internet.
    on shore users need to be able to "reply" or input data to the system as well.
    Offshore systems need to be able to make changes, create reports etc..even if they are offline (thus some sort of remote synchronization).

    i was thinking along the lines of IIS, asp, sqlsever (not sure about offline usage of IIS)
    any ideas?


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    i would use -- "there's no hardware, there's no software, it's the database in the cloud that you can trust" | @rudydotca
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    i checked into it it is not up and running and they dont know when deployment is.

    but thanks for the info from what i could see it is a possible solution

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    Quote Originally Posted by r937 View Post
    i would use -- "there's no hardware, there's no software, it's the database in the cloud that you can trust"

    I'm interested in knowing what database engine they use on the cloud. Anybody know if they use Oracle, PostgreSQL, or something else? I can't even find out how on their site you can create an account or get started. So much info and presentation but you can't even sign up or login...
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