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    Unanswered: Novice needs Help

    Hi I am fairly new to access and having a nightmare with an assignment

    I have got most things i need to do done but I cannot get my head around creating 2 queries/reports,

    1. for showing days orders but where user can enter date to show
    2. when a query for orders runs it wont add a line total i.e. if there was 2 items it wont double the price and would be nice if i could get an individual order

    Yes it is an assignment so what ever help or pointers you can offer would be great I have attached the access 2003 database file for you to look at (it will eventually have a control page and not be in database view)
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    have a look at
    it doesn't do exactly what you want, but it should give you a clue

    what have you tried so far
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    think the tables/queries on the database are what i tried I did create a form called delivery run but for some reason it would not let me change the date cant figure why as that would run a query for date information.

    The query "delivery run" shows details of delivery for a order but will not calculate total at end of line it is not recognising 2 of or 3 of something and adding to the price i like want to do a excel calculation style like column qty x item price = total but it seems unless there is a table item for that i cant add a column to do it

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