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Thread: Rollback error

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    Unanswered: Rollback error

    Hi All,
    there is table with 45 Million records and i am updating 46000 records through script which will call datastage job and i getting this error

    Event: DB2_UDB_Acc_Arrng,1: ERROR during execution of DB2-CLI requests: SQL_ERROR; SQLSTATE = 40506; NativeErrorCode = -1476; Message = [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/AIX64] SQL1476N The current transaction was (...)

    this error is coming in datastage logs .

    tablespace is 35 % used

    i am on db2 9.5 on aix 6 .

    Request your guidance at earliest .


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    > db2 ? SQL1476N

    SQL1476N The current transaction was rolled back because of error


    The transaction was rolled back because:

    1. An implicit or explicit CLOSE CURSOR failed, or
    2. A table was being created with the NOT LOGGED INITIALLY option, or
    NOT LOGGED INITIALLY was activated for an existing table. During the
    same unit of work, either an error occurred, or a ROLLBACK TO
    SAVEPOINT statement was issued. This unit of work is rolled back,
    with the following effects:
    * any table that was created in this unit of work is dropped.
    * any NOT LOGGED INITIALLY tables that were activated in the
    transaction are marked inaccessible, and can only be dropped.
    * the "<sqlcode>" will be 0 if a ROLLBACK TO SAVEPOINT was issued in
    the transaction.

    3. A rollback to savepoint failed or release savepoint failed.
    4. A severe error occurred during an atomic array input operation.
    5. An error occurred during the creation of a system temporary LOB that
    was to be used to maintain a LOB locator value for a LOB column of a
    declared temporary table or created temporary table whose rows were
    being deleted.

    User response:

    Correct the problem as indicated by the error "<sqlcode>", then run the
    transaction again. Remove any ROLLBACK TO SAVEPOINT statement that is
    used in the same transaction in which a NOT LOGGED INITIALLY table is
    created or activated.

    sqlcode: -1476

    sqlstate: 40506

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    this actually is not the problem .this table is not created with not logged initially neither cursor is declared as it loading from script which is calling datastage job .
    neither the table is dropped .

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    Dear ALL ,

    its locking the table while updating 462117 out of 45 Million records ..and deadlock is happening and its not updating the table .can somebody guide me to get rid of it

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