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    Unanswered: cannot fix dump area alert

    Hi. I'm running Oracle 10gR2 on windows 2003.

    There is an dump area alert on Enterprise Manager that i cannot clear.
    Today it says '77% of dump area used' - the % is increasing each day.
    i have cleared out the bdump directory - it had about 83MB, i left the alert log and the latest traces, now that directory is down to 6.5MB (the alert log is 5.5MB).I have also cleared out the udump directory - even tho it was only 6MB.The cdump directory was empty.
    In the path d:\oracle\product\10.2.0\admin\<dbasename>\ i also have directories called "pfile" - 3KB, "dplog" - 1KB, and "backup" - 6GB. I have not touched those directories as i think they have nothing to do with the dump area, is this correct?
    if i do 'show parameter max_dump_file_size' it says 'unlimited'.
    Does anyone know what this message means? 78% of what is used? Why hasn't Enterprise Manager noticed that i have reduced the files in bdump and udump? I deleted these files 2 days ago - when the alert was on 71%, yet it is going up each day.
    I have about 63GB free space on this drive. The flash area max size is 40GB, currently 16GB are used - so i have enough space. The database backs itself up every night - complete backup as it's quite small - these have been successful. Also i run a schema export every night - also has been successful. There are currently no archivelogs visisble anywhere - rman deletes them after successful backups. So the only thing visible in the flash area are three days worth of backups - this is all exaclty as i would expect it to be. i hope this is enough background. It is probably obvious from this that i'm not an oracle expert. But i do need to keep this database going and i'm worried it's going to stop when it gets to 100%. (For instance if Oracle thinks it no longer has space to write to the alert log).
    I have logged this with oracle support but no answer still from metalinks. And i'm nervous as this is my production server. Any help would be appreciated.

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    This from another post:

    the Dump Area Used percentage you see in the EM home page is the space used in the whole filesystem, and not only for Oracle usage.
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    i've read that before too. I don't see how it helps. I also don't believe it.
    Perhaps my post was too long, here are the highlights:
    Free disk space - 60GB
    Database size - 6GB
    Dump area size - was 80MB but now 6MB
    Today dump area used percentage is 80%.
    But whatever percentage it is, it is not the space used in the whole filesystem.

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    8 Using Oracle Enterprise Manager for Monitoring and Detection

    8 Using Oracle Enterprise Manager for Monitoring and Detection

    read it and you will know what exactly the heaven it means . its some thing u can set urself .. read it and u will know what i mean

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    Thanks for that.
    Yes i see what it means now and i see that it really is the percentage of free space in the entire filesystem. So thanks too to cis_groupie.
    I was so worried about my production system and we were so near deadline that i opened a metalink case. Which probably made everything more stressful ;-)
    My server was being filled up with (non-oracle) files as we approached deadline, so free space was decreasing and so the 'dump area percentage' was increasing every day. It was as simple as that.
    I think that alert has a misleading name - but then i'm a sysadmin and not a dba. Many times i have had to do something on oracle i have got stuck on silly things like this.

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