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    Unanswered: initdb permission denied on Windows 2003 Server


    I am having Postgresql 8.4.3 files on a Windows 2003 Server. I am logged in as Administrator (which is part of Administrators group). The Postgresql files were not installed by Postgresql installer, we are having a different installer that just copies the files. Now, I want to run initdb command to an existing database folder (empty folder).

    If I run:
    postgres_db\bin\initdb.exe -D database
    I will get an exception:

    fixing permissions on existing directory database ... initdb could not change permissions of directory "database": Permission denied

    How is this possible? The database folder has write permission for Administrators group. If I give write permissions to Users group, initdb runs just fine. Anybody can explain this? I don't have a postres user and Administrator is the only enabled user.


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    IF postgresql were running under administrator rights, if a hacker is able to gain control of the server, they would have a much easier task in taking control of the server.

    According to "The Database Hackers Handbook", postgreSQL DOES take more effort than many other database servers, "because it will run only under a low-privileged account." (my italics.)
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