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    Post Unanswered: ISAM error : Record is locked

    Can any one help me to fix this error. when i trying to connect the database it is showing message as " 908: Attempt to connect to database server (informix_db_tcp) failed.
    ISAM error: record is locked." i have enclosed the screen short .

    os: RHEL4
    DB : informix 11.5
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    The old 908 error when connecting, eh?

    Looks like someone it running an operation that locks the database exclusively, like a dbexport or similar utility. Running onstat -k might show you a database lock with the X flag on in the lock type column. How recognize a database lock? This is merely a row lock on the database TBLspace. The TBSspace number of this TBLspace is something like 100002 (may be wider in a 64-bit server). Check out this page for a bit more information on locks.

    It may also be that the server is still in middle of a long "fast recovery" and no databases are accessible. (I don't recall if I ever tried to access sysmaster during a fast recovery.) The top line of the onstat output should tell you the basic state of the server.

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