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    Question Unanswered: Access--Matching multivalued fields

    Hi, I'm new to using multi-valued fields in Access and I really hope this is possible, but....

    We have 2 surveys, one each for two different groups of people. We want to match people from one group with someone from the other group, based on similar interests. The survey allows them to pick one of multiple activites (the multivalue field.) My idea is to count how many similar entries each pair has and then to sort them.

    My query looks like this:
    SELECT [GroupOneSurvey].[Name], [GroupTwoSurvey].[Name], [GroupOneSurvey].Activities.Value, [GroupTwoSurvey].Activities.Value
    FROM [GroupOneSurvey], [GroupTwoSurvey]
    where [GroupOneSurvey].Activities.Value= [GroupTwoSurvey].Activities.Value;

    (and then I would sort by number of results for each pair in an outer query)

    However, when I run that, I get the dreaded "Type mismatch in expression" error.

    Please help!

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    Can you attach your database such that we can see what the problem is.

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