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    Question Unanswered: converting column feild values in a table to column names in other table

    Table-A is having 4 columns. I want to select values from Table-A with values from Event columns in table-A as column names in table-B as shown in Table-B. I need a stored procedure for the same, if its possible.
    ID.No Name Event AmountPaid
    1 Terry ReliefFund 100
    1 Terry Donation 200
    2 John Festival 100
    2 John Donation 300

    ID.No Name ReliefFund Donation Festival
    1 Terry 100 200 0
    2 John 0 300 100

    plz help.... thanks

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    Check your client software for it's PivotTable or Cross Tabulation support. This functionality is really best handled on the client side, not the server side.

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