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    Postgres 8.4 not start after data recovery...

    There was a power outage this PC installed with WIN7 and after this the DB not starts

    Why does this happen?

    What should i do?


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    Post your database logs. It will tell you exactly why your daemon for PG isn't starting.

    Usually logs are located in /var/log/

    [root@slave log]# tail -n 5 postgresql.log
    ERROR:  syntax error at or near "cell" at character 26
    STATEMENT:  ALTER TABLE contacts SET cell = '444-444-4444' WHERE id = 9;
    ERROR:  duplicate key value violates unique constraint "contacts_cell_key"
    DETAIL:  Key (cell)=() already exists.
    STATEMENT:  UPDATE contacts SET cell = '' WHERE id = 9;
    Hope that helps!

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