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    Unanswered: SQL error "-3000". Please Help!


    I created a system DSN using ODBC driver 8.1.18 for DB2 on Microsoft ODBC Manager. after i specifies the table and the port number and necessary details and when i try to connect and error pops up displaying: SQL0969N There is no message corresponding to SQL error "-3000" in the message file on this workstation. The error was returned from the module "cfgCLIcn" wit orginal token "76".i rechecked all the infos that I have given when i created the system DSN and they were OK! I tried to re-install the runtime client odbc driver but the error still remains when i click on connect.

    How do I rectify this error. please help me also by explaining about this error because I'm new to Db2

    Thanks and Regards in advance,

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    Quote Originally Posted by tennygmathew View Post
    after i specifies the table and the port number
    You need to specify the database name, not table name. Also, make sure the database is properly cataloged (db2 catalog database ...)

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