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    Unanswered: Passing binary(16) to Sybase SQL Anywhere from PHP

    We are using Novell Asset management that uses SQL Anywhere database. I am writing PHP script that queries data from this database.

    When querying database using Sybase Central, I can execute query like this
    SELECT * 
    FROM zenadmin.NC_Workstation
    WHERE WorkstationOID=0x60309d8b7ec45d7c35c0700225174bc5
    and I get one row with workstation detailis. WorkstationOID is table key that is binary(16).

    When I use the same SQL statement from PHP using
    sasql_query($connection, "SELECT * 
    FROM zenadmin.NC_Workstation
    WHERE WorkstationOID=0x60309d8b7ec45d7c35c0700225174bc5", SASQL_USE_RESULT);
    then I get zero results.

    I tried stripping 0x and using pack to convert it to binary, but with no success.

    Please help. I already lost one day with this.

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    I finaly found a solution. I can't beleive I lost two days on it. The problem was in sasql_num_rows function. In sybase documentation it says that this function returns:
    A positive number if the number of rows is exact, or a negative number if it is an estimate. To get the exact number of rows, the database option row_counts must be set permanently on the database, or temporarily on the connection. See sasql_set_option.
    I was mistakenly using
    if (sasql_num_rows($result) > 0) ...
    without setting row_counts to TRUE so I always got negative number and there were no results displayed.

    Here is a code:

        ///// QUERY
        $query = "SELECT * FROM zenadmin.NC_Workstation WHERE WorkstationOID=0x60309d8b7ec45d7c35c0700225174bc5";
        echo "<b>{$query}</b><br /><br />";
        //Database data
        $ASSET_SERVERNAME = "asset";
        $ASSET_IP = "";
        $ASSET_PORT = "2638";
        $ASSET_DB = "myzone";
        $ASSET_USER = "test";
        $ASSET_PASS = "test";
        //Build connection string
        //Connect to database
        $cn = sasql_connect($conn_str);
        //Set options !!!!!!!!!!!
        //sasql_set_option($cn, "row_counts", "TRUE");
        //Query database
        $result = sasql_query($cn, $query, SASQL_USE_RESULT) or die("Sybase SQL error: ".sasql_error());
        //Display results
        echo "NUMBER OF RESULTS: ".sasql_num_rows($result)."<br />";
        echo "RESULTS:<br />";
        while ($line = sasql_fetch_array($result, SASQL_BOTH)) {
        //Free results
        //Disconnect from database

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