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    Dear All ,

    I am facing unique problem.I am in partitioned environment with 24 logical nodes .one of my table spread across 24 all nodes which doesn't have any indexes on it and when i am updating that table with 15000 records it takes 19 hours .
    that table has 45 Million record in it .
    table is distributed by HASH it doesnt have any MDC column .
    Can you please guide me how to fine tune it so that my update becomes faster ?
    Regards ,

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    Have you tried to create indexes? And/or does your UPDATE statement contain predicates, which are also in the partitioning key?
    Knut Stolze
    IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator
    IBM Germany Research & Development

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    thanks knut ..i created index improved the performance of the query ..but when i am updating the same no of records in a non partitioned environment its happening in seconds where as when i am updating the same no of records in partitioned environment its taking 12 minutes ..i am updating same no or records ...can you please help me understand this .

    Thanks & Warm Regards

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    As Stolze mentioned, it depends on whether the column(s) you are updating is (are) a part of the distribution key. If they are not, you will just be performing table scans on each partition. If they are, on top of that the database manager will have to move each updated row to a new partition.

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