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    Unanswered: Need help with bulk collect into database table type


    I have following requirement: create a response to web service writing procedures in oracle.
    And they need a complex type as response.
    So, this is what i have created:

    create or replace type efgh_type as object(
    R R-type,
    AD AD_type);

    create or replace type AD_type as table of obj_ad;

    create or replace type obj_ad as object of(
    abcd varchar2(10)
    klmn varchar2(25));

    all these are database types.

    Now this is how my procedure looks like

    create or replace procedure proc_resp(id_number in varchar2, efgh out efgh_type) is

    addr ad_type;

    select abcd, klmn bulk collect into addr from table_1 where id_row=id_number;

    end proc_resp;

    while compiling am getting error as:
    PL/SQL: ORA-00947: not enough values

    I do not understand what am doing wrong here....what is the right way of bulk collect into database collection type???

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    This problem is sorted out now.

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