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    Unanswered: License - Sybase Central

    Hello - first post here as I haven't been able to search for this answer or at least FIND it...

    I have 16 servers running ASE 12.5 and a new support group being contracted to maintain those databases and have asked to use Sybase Central. My accounting group approving software is like pulling teeth.

    Does Sybase Central require a license per seat even though it is a component of ASE 12.5??? I just don't want to make a install package for our Citrix farm without understanding it's license requirements...

    any help or links to this on Sybase would be GREATLY appreciated!


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    As far as I know, Sybase Central is a free component of the Open Client. It does not require a licence and therefore can be used on as many Citrixservers as you want.
    I'm not entirely sure though, so maybe someone else can tell for sure.
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