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    Unanswered: shifting textbox data to table

    Hi all
    Plz help me to develop this program i explain in diagram
    that data which enter by the user in text boxes moves into below table with a single enter key

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    What is your oracle database version?

    What is your oracle schema name where the table resides?

    What is the table name in your schema?

    What is the column names in your table?

    Will this data be entered from an oracle form or via a VBA connection, or will this data reside in a flat file so you can create an external table, etc?????

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    From my point of view, a simple tabular layout form is what you need. Forms Wizard will create it in a matter of seconds and the form will be ready for use. (Certainly, you can later make it fancy, but all functionalities - inserting, updating, selecting (filtering, if you wish), deleting - will be working just fine).

    Why two blocks? Makes things complicated for nothing.

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