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    Unanswered: Toad for MS-SQL and SQL Magazine - Are they good choices??

    Hi All,

    I am fairly new to MS-SQL and have been considering purchasing Toad Development Suite for SQL Server - Online Store and subscribing to SQL magazine and wanted to get the groups opinion of these two products.

    I am an Oracle and Informix DBA and in my previous job where I supported Oracle and based on the recommendation of one of my Oracle instructors purchased Toad for Oracle and found it to be an excellent product. With my current company I have been tasked with supporting our MS-SQL databases and will hopefully attend formal training in the future. At this time I am currently signed up to take online courses for MS-SQL. But as I haven't been able to attend any formal classes as yet I don't know what third party tools are considered the best for MS-SQL and wanted to find out what this group thinks of Toad for MS-SQL and/or what third party tools you use and recommend.

    2. I am also considering a subscription to SQL Magazine and I wanted to find out if the group considers this a worthwhile publication to subscribe to or if there are others that are considered better that you would recommend.



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    Toad is a good tool if you are already accustomed to using Toad.

    Toad is comparable to SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), but it is a relatively expensive third party tool. If you already have Toad expertise, buying Toad for SQL Server would allow you to exploit that expertise and become productive more quickly than if you had to learn to use SSMS.

    Very few SQL Server shops buy Toad becuase SSMS is quite servicable and is provided with SQL Server. You'd be somewhat handicapped because there is good support from Quest for Toad, but only from Quest and there is support from Microsoft and from literally thousands of other sites and groups for SSMS.

    Which SQL Magazine are you considering ???

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    I assume he means this one:
    SQL Server Magazine

    One advantage about subscribing is you get access to a lot of online content. Nothing I hate more is googling something, having a great match for what I am searching comes up as an article from sqlmag and know that I cannot read the full content w/o a subscription.

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